1 definition by Hector Ramone de Santa Anna de Lopez de Rodriguez de Gonzalez de Morales de Sanchez

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He is the fattest thing in the universe and is constantly eating. If you try to stop during one of his many daily banquets, you may just end up in his stomach. His warning/mating call is "HUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!". If you hear this sound, you will die in less than 4 seconds, being consumed by the ultimate Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear celebrates Fat Tuesday for 24 days, each day representing an hour on Fat Tuesday. During this time period, he does not stop eating at all, no matter what happens. If food runs out, he will suck up the atmosphere like a vaccum, causing all other life to die. He will then consume all the matter of the universe. He is allied with his brother, cousin, and second cousin, who help him achieve the ultimate goal of eating all things. His deep rivals include a fat Dutch kid and his friend.
Kid 1 - I'm so hungry today I could eat a cow!
Kid 2 - Whoa there, Teddy Bear! Calm down!

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