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Taking a shit in the top tank of a toilet. Reserved only for the worst of enemies. (See "Smite") Also ("BF")
I gave that fucker a Top Shelf and now he dont fuck with me no more.
by Hector Projector April 07, 2003
What the fuck is this? Why would anyone ever say this? Is this real!? These questions may have crossed your mind when you saw that "little jab" was a real word. This word was once used by The Hector Projector (see: Hector Projector) and to this day I can only assume he is a strawberry (see: Strawberry)
He beat me over the head with a sprinkler while my 7 year old sister kicked my brothers ass.
by Hector Projector April 08, 2003
That broke brown, broke ass car that can only be secribed as "The Cougar".
"My mom can drive."
by Hector Projector April 08, 2003
One who has arms that do not fit his body and also has the general anatomy of a skelington. One who projects his arms to lengths that should not be possible for any human being.
Project Damnit. Project!
by Hector Projector April 08, 2003
The Denny's. The home of The Brownie. The only place to purchase the finest quality dessert ever.
Newbie: This whole "Brownie" thing is dumb, I can't finish it.

Broom: Thats it. Just leave the table. Now.

by Hector Projector April 08, 2003
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