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Someone who is a complete cock but an absolute arse at the same time.
Example A:

"You alright pal?"
"No I'm fucking not, someone invited that Cock-Arse Tony to my party"

Example B:

"Do not invite Tony to my party, he's a Cock-Arse"
by Hector Knox December 27, 2005
A Word of Liverpudlian or Scouser origin.

A complete Assehole, male or female, who talks utter shit.

Generally found in a pub pissed up and trying to talk someone into either lending them money or supplying them with more drink.

So called a Pram-Head as they are full of shit and broken biscuits, like an old shitty pram or stroller used to transport babies and toddlers around in.
Example A;

Tom; Don't look now but Matt's just come into the pub...

Pete; Good, that fuckin' Pram-Head owes me a tenner.

Example B;

Man1; here mate lend us a tenner, I earn 5k a week me and and can pay it you back on Friday...

Man2: Fuck off you Pram-Head bastard
by Hector Knox March 11, 2008
A very undesireable and or none branded item of clothing, jewellery, electronics etc, which you can guarantee your father would rather buy for you instead of the expensive alternative.
Example A:

Father: How about these trainers?

Son: No dad I don't want them.

Example B:

"Do you like my new Hadidas trainers?"

"Sorry mate, but those are fucking Nodads"
by Hector Knox December 27, 2005
The rest room/ bath room/ toilet/ bogatries etc etc

An unsanitised and frankly disgusting shitty public toilet
"Excuse me old boy but I've had a few too many lagers and curry and so could you please direct me to the nearest Biscuit Tin?"
by Hector Knox December 27, 2005
The oh so terrible and totally unshakeable hangover brought upon by being skint causeing one to buy cheap shitty ale such as Kestrel/Special Brew/Oranjeboom and having a real big session on the aforementioned drinks.
a; you ok mate?
b; fuck no, I've got a bastard Oranjeboom-boom going on.

"Never again man! My head's pounding, I got a nasty Oranjeboom-boom and now i'm even skinter!"
by Hector Knox June 25, 2005
A nutter or weirdo who happens to have a beard.
"I'd give money to that bum if he weren't such a beardo"

"Check him/her out, what a fucking beardo"
by Hector Knox December 27, 2005

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