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1 definition by Hecko

Scifag is a derogatory term for a person obsessed with Scientology.

Detailed definition:
The word 'scifag' is a portmanteau on the words 'Scientology' and 'fag', the latter being short for 'faggot', a derogatory term for homosexuals. The wording of (noun)-fag carries the meaning of being 'gay for (noun)', which in turn means 'to be obsessed with (noun)', e.g. a Gucci-fag is a person obsessed with Gucci products.

The word scifag therefore describes someone who is 'gay for Scientology', meaning they are obsessed with it. It is likely that it was derived from a similar, pre-existing term also about a religion, namely Cristfag (someone gay for Jesus Christ, and in extension, Christianity)
Person A: Tom Cruise is pretty into Scientology.
Person B: Yeah, I know. He's a total scifag.
by Hecko September 29, 2009