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Blowjob: The act of a Man inserting his penis into a woman's mouth, Best given rough and pleasured when the Female plays with the Ball sack whilst sucking.
Blowjob 1:
Jenna: "Can I suck you?"
Mark: "Um...Oh....Uh...?"
TJ: Flicked Mark "Say yes Moron!"
Mark: "YES! Please!"
Jenna: "Woot!" 8===D


Blowjob 2:
Lily sucked Adam's cock for several minutes while playing with his balls.

Lily: Swallowed Adam's cum "Mmmm!"


Jason: "Did Alyssa Suck you or did you just jack-off?"
Carl: "Both......She was great."
Jason: "Whoa! Lucky! I heard her Breasts are heavenly..."
Carl: "They are :), I hit her G-Spot....."
Jason: "She said she likes it Rough!"
by HeavenlyBreasts:P February 22, 2012
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