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You walk into some large beautiful museum for the first time, perhaps the Louvre or the Met, stroll around a bit, then suddenly find yourself in front of some overwhelmingly beautiful and entirely entrancing work. Your heart races, you feel faint, and your eyes dance over it, taking in every perfect detail. Your breath comes more rapidly, and you whisper your awe. You feel the piece consume you, penetrate you, and proceed to give your being the most beautiful fucking you've ever experienced until at last, when you can't take the euphoria any more... you have an art orgasm.
"The Mona Lisa is nice and all, but it was the Vermeer's that gave me multiple art orgasms."

"I love Rome. It's like one long art orgasm."

"That gallery is awful. None of their exhibits have ever given me art orgasm."
by HeatherFuture October 29, 2008

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