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The kiss goodnight your mom gives you right after she gave dad a blow job. It's named a wonderkiss because now after you read this, you'll always wonder if this happened to you at some time in your life...
"Ever wonder why mom's breath got funky in the evening? That'd be the wonderkiss"
by Heathen 2.0 January 22, 2008
A reference to a woman's backside - specifically a really well-formed one. So called because, as we all know, crossing a mule and an onion results in "an ass that'll bring tears to your eyes".
"Damn, look at the mule onion on that one!"
by Heathen 2.0 April 28, 2008
An ill-conceived idea which is spectacularly useless. This phrase originated with the Dilbert comic strip.
"Hey, what do you think of my solar-powered flashlight?"

"I think it's about as useful as snake mittens."
by Heathen 2.0 April 27, 2008

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