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A small pellet of resin which was cleaned out of a weed pipe and formed into a smokeable little turd.... kind of nasty tasting....
For how much pot we've been smoking we sure are getting a lot of nasty little rat turds out of this pipe.
by haylox9 January 10, 2009
Also known as a sneek-a-toke, a poofy doo is a cardboard toilet paper roll that has dryer sheets tied to the end of it. Poofy doo was invented by teenagers to be able to smoke weed in their parent's house without them finding out. (doesn't always work) You just blow smoke through poofy-doo and it smells laundry fresh!
"Dude, go get the poofy-doo. I just packed a bowl and your mom is drunk anyway!"
by Haylox9 February 21, 2013
Adj. Pertaining to that which is bearlike or involves a bear. Adapted from the word unbelievable so that bears can use it.
I beat that shit up like honey; it was un-bear-eavable!
by haylox9 November 06, 2010

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