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"Uberhaxornova" is the word used to describe the process of losing all higher cognitive function. There are currently 154,527 cases of "Uberhaxornova" and rising quickly, its expected to reach 200,000 by the end of the year.

Symptoms include losing all thought and memory and effectively entering a trance-state. Your known vocabulary will all to soon be forgotten, and is usually replaced with anxious and desperate noises giving the victim a sad and desperate sense of hope of communicating with the sane. However, not all sense of communication through known methods is lost, "SUCK MY POOP", My butt is juicy", "DAMN REPEATERS"," FUCKING A" and a light chuckle are a few of uberhaxornova victims way of communication.

I am a victim of "Uberhaxornova" AND I FUCKING LOVE IT
"DAMN REPEATERS" -Uberhaxornova-
by HaydenII July 06, 2011

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