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A former contestant on American Idol. He did not make it to that top 12, but that is only because SOME PEOPLE WEREN'T LIKIN' IT!! But most people were. He is as cute as a tomato, and he is TMTH for American and all of the haters. He has become very popular, and has thousands of fans who are devoted to him in every way, and love his guts! He is very loyal to his fans too. His fans are called Danimals, DannysFannys, Dannylions, and many others. He is very loved for exactly who he is, and nobody will ever change him. He is an amazing person, and he is sexy, and he is a great singer and dancer! He can seriously work the stage!! He is beautiful inside and out. He has amazing hair!! He is such a great singer!!
Danimal 1-WOW, did you see Danny Noriega last night on Stickam??
Danimal 2-Yeah, he was dancing and singing Tainted Love like he did on Idol!!
Danimal 1-He should so be on the show still! Danny Noriega can sing!!
Danimal 3-yeah did you hear him??? AAAAAAAAh it was like amazing!!
Danimal 2-Yepp. I love you Danny Noriega!!
Danimal 3- Let's go watch his videos and listen to his voice!
by Hawt_4_Sanjaya April 28, 2008

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