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A Soggy Sandwich takes place when 2 guys are double penetrating one girl who, while sandwiched between them, squirts female ejaculate all over. This causes all parties to become sticky and wet.
Guy 1: What happened last night?

Guy 2: Me and my bro were teaming this bitch, when she popped and gave us the 'ole soggy sandwich.
by HawkRocker October 21, 2009
Pronunciation: trunk-ee

A person who's mental growth has been truncated. The new semi-PC way to say retard.
Person 1: God that dude is a retard.
Person 2: You are so insensitive, don't you know the correct nomenclature is truncie?

2) Sarah Palin is a truncie.
by HawkRocker February 14, 2010
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