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Hot Waxing is when you masturbate and then ejaculate over an unsuspecting victim while their sleeping or passed out... Covering them in semen so when it's dried they have to peel it off...
Dude, Whaddilia was drunk and passed out so I gave her a good "Hot waxing" and she didn't even wake up!!!
by Hawaiian born September 05, 2010
It's where you hide illegal things like drugs or weapons in your ass (rectal cavity) or vagina while your in prison.
Man, Carlo smuggled in some wicked ass cronic in his prison pouch!
by Hawaiian born June 05, 2010
Another name for your ball sack or scrotum.
Yo! this chick loves to play with my pig skin pouch!
by Hawaiian born June 05, 2010
Screen Door or Screen Dooring is having diarrhea so bad that you can shit clean through a screen door, without leaving chuncks behind.

I.E; drinking way to much or eating spoiled food that causes you to have extreme diarrhea.
Pajo was barking orders at me all day long, so i fixed him a sandwhich with some spoiled mayonaise... He spend the next two days screen dooring!
by Hawaiian born September 12, 2010
Brown House has the same concept of a green house with the exception of your own natural gas... Get in a small room or car with another person (girlfriend, wife, friend, etc.) close all the windows and doors and let a rank assed fart loose, preferably after eating at Taco Bell and on a nice hot day. The resulting brown cloud will turn that area into a Brown House.
Dude, Sharkey was being a total pain in the ass, so as soon as he got in the car, I locked the the windows and doors and let one rip... Total Brown House!
by Hawaiian born September 12, 2010

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