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Hipsters are kids, usually in high school, who think they're all that and a slice of cake. Usually they peak in high school and spend the rest of their lives playing the guitar they thought would make them millions one day. Hipsters like to aviod answering questions by using the phrase "just chill." like they think that solves anything. These kids also like to find the worst music in the world, post all these links on facebook of these "great" songs and tell everyone else in the world that their opinion in music sucks. Usually hipsters hate dubstep, and practically worship indi music. A hipster is supposed to stand out in a croud, be different, wear different things. But all hipsters are the same: denim on denim wearing, anti mainstream, guitar playing, indi listening idiots.
You: "Should we get chinese for lunch or mexican? i really could go for chinease but Lisa thinks more people would like mexican. What do you think?"
Hipster: "we should just chill."
by HateOrModivate January 17, 2012

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