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(verb) To get down or have a place just go mad crazy fun
Bro: Hey man, what's up?

Dude: Bro, I'm having a party. We're about to get stinky with it!

Bro: Sweet! I'm bout to get jacked for this!!!

Chick: Uhhh, Hassan just went on the dance floor and got stiiiiiiiinky widdit!
by Hasonator September 15, 2010
A pseudo-language resembling Japanese by adding Japanese sounding-suffixes (-mashta, -u, -didu, etc) and accents to English words. Often used by Americans who are excited about sushi, a Japanese video game, or another Japanese cultural item.
Japanese person: Konichiwa! (Hello!)

Person speaking Mockanese: Hai! Canno yu directa mi toda nearestu restaurantidu?! Sankyumashta! (Hi. Can you direct me to the nearest restaurant? Thank you.)
by Hasonator January 22, 2013

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