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3 definitions by Harry Scrote

A person that is an even bigger fucktard than they appear to be from the outside.
I thought he was a fucktard, until I got to know him better. Turns out he is more of a fucktardis than I could possibly have imagined.
by Harry Scrote September 22, 2010

Someone who drains your will to live whenever they talk.

A 'Time Vampire' of the worst extreme.


An excruciatingly painfull experience.
(v.) "I hope I don't get 'Rennicked' when I'm in the prison shower "
by Harry Scrote February 11, 2010
Chocolate Grill is performed when a male fingers a female's ass and wipes the reminants across the female's teeth. This is a cousin of the Dirty Rodruigez & Dirty Sanchez.
After having anal sex, the man gave the woman a Chocolate Grill.
by Harry Scrote February 04, 2010