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The wall of guys that form a barrier between the dance floor and the bar area of any nightclub. Usually forms organically in such a fashion to block access onto the dancefloor or off the dancefloor. The dickwall will not move to let people pass and always looks a cross between desperate, perverted, and sleepy. The dickwall likes to force people to brush against them to leave the dancefloor and pass into the bar area. Often forms around 10pm and disperses by 1am when the dickwall realizes they are not going to have women or in some guys case, men, approach the dickwall and try to hook up.

dickwall, dick wall, dick-wall, cockwall, cock-wall, ballhall, ball-hall (both walls of a hall covered in a dickwall so you brush against both sides), the douche fence (only if its made up of mostly italian men)
I didn't see you on the dancefloor, the dickwall was too deep.

I hate going to the bar, there are always creepy old guys in the dickwall.

Did you see that total fag in the dickwall?

Why are all the black guys in the dickwall without any endowment.

Susan was trying to get to the dancefloor but got caught up in the dickwall and we lost her.
by Harmmany September 03, 2011

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