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A person whose philosophy is based on the idea of individual sovereignty, and a prohibition against theft, coercion and fraud. It sees the only just basis for law as arising from private property norms and an unlimited right of contract between free and sovereign individuals. From this basis, anarcho-capitalism rejects the state as an unjustified monopolist and systematic aggressor against sovereign individuals, and embraces anti-statist laissez-faire capitalism. Anarcho-capitalists would aim to protect individual liberty and property by replacing government monopoly, which is involuntarily funded through theft by taxation, with private, competing businesses that use physical force only in defense of liberty and property against aggressors. Hence, they believe that all goods and services, including law, order, and security, should be supplied through the mechanism of a free market.

Anarcho capitalists know that when you keep all of what you produce, you have an incentive to produce more, thus the whole of society benefits greatly from each individuals inherent greed.
by Haremmaster April 12, 2006
A nosy or tyrannical person/neighbor who tries to control your life or other peoples property that does not belong to them. Also known as socialist.
The lawn nazis tried to tell me I couldnt paint my house purple.
by Haremmaster January 25, 2006
A really fucked up, and washed up punk band from the late 90's. They had really good songs, but the production was shitty. They were always being chased around by a very jealous alien named Wanker.He was a real wanker too. He would destroy their set after every show, and he claimed to be from outer space.
Lock14 got their asses kicked by wanker again last night.
by Haremmaster August 31, 2006
A man who likes to ride the dick.
Stop eyeballing me you goddam polejockey.
by Haremmaster April 12, 2006
Something you need after a non-swallowing or sloppy blow-job. Could be your old ladys mom or sisters tongue. , if the first two aren't available, a towell or curtain will do. Germy Mongoose claims he uses the crack of her ass.
Oh, you need a dongwipe.
by Haremmaster August 31, 2006
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