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The shame of gaming, the worst kind of gamer, and one that gives other gamers a bad name by hating on a game because the graphics aren't realistic enough for them, when instead, they should be looking for smooth controls, varied moves/abilities, smooth gameplay with few bugs, and above all, fun.
Graphics Whore: I'm going to play my 360 and PS3 because I am awesome.
Me: Well, have fun. I'm going to play SNES, N64, Genesis, and NES.
Graphics Whore: You still play that outdated shit? Man, that shit is stupid and the graphics suck balls!
Me: You know what? Why don't you go fuck yourself with a rusty chainsaw?
by HardcoreGamer4Ever May 14, 2010
A very powerful attack that is nearly unblockable.
I Use Mah Supa Ninja Atak To Defeat You
by HardcoreGamer4Ever June 27, 2010
Someone who goes to Ebay not to buy anything, but just to look at what they have for sale.
Ted: Hey John, whatcha doing?
John: Getting on Ebay.
Ted: Oh yeah? What are you buying?
John: Oh I'm not buying anything. I'm just browsing. I'm an Ebay window shopper.
by HardcoreGamer4Ever February 08, 2011

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