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High School Musical is a deservedly Broadway-worthy film series that chronicles the impossibly tough lives of high schoolers in the wonderfully urban city of Albuquerque, NM. The realistic and completely original romantic plot revolves around two young students who (realistically) spend most of their high school lives putting on random dance and singing shows in completely normal places like the cafeteria during lunchtime, and the basketball court during an actual game. Of course we have to have a clever and witty villain in the movie, and naturally Disney has come up with a truly novel idea in Sharpay's character: the blonde, air-headed, bimbo after the main character. In movies 2 and 3, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (who play the oh-so-unique theater jock and the even-more-unique nerdy singing gorgeous girl) get together, then break up, then, in a completely unpredictable turn of events that shocks audiences worldwide, get back together. Thankfully, the interesting, cheery, and rarely, if ever, annoying show-tunes make up for any (not that there are many of these) flaws that the movies may have. The crowning glory of this movie, however, is the gorgeous piece of manflesh we call Zac Efron (his bod, his eyes, his look of I'm-sexy-because-I-play-basketball-AND-I-can-sing, oh my!). Zac Efron is a testament to the much-forgotten fact that looking like a pixie fairy girl is a ticket to success and will win you an almost ridiculously dedicated, albeit somewhat unstable, fan following. All in all, High School Musical is a must-see summer blockbuster series that will never fail to increase your mental stimulation with its fine elements of classy cinematography. Truly, a film for the ages (if those ages happen to be between 5-15).
Random Person 1: Have you seen High School Musical 3? GOD Zac Efron is SO HOT! How will I ever get over him as long as I live? He makes me swoooooooooon *swoons*

Random Person 2: I would sit here and listen to you, but thankfully I have to go home and fold my socks.

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