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A hilarious, bearded fat man who used to be a Radio DJ. He now is a Youtube Vlogger who is making a video every day for a year. He works for TheStation, a youtube channel that makes comedy videos (TheStation also includes the youtubers DaveDays, KassemG, Sxephil, and many others).

He resides in Florida with his wife, mommytard or katilette, and his children, Sontard, Princesstard, and Babytard. For security reasons, the family has decided to have the children go by these names on Youtube, but they have let slip that Babytard's real name is Emily, and Princesstard is Avia. Sontard's name is still unknown. The family together are the Shaytards.

Shaytard is also friends with TayZonday and CharlesTrippy, or CTFxC.
Charles: "Dude, Shaycarl is the best, I freaking love him!"
n00b: "Who is he?"
Charles: "......"
by HappyBitch October 03, 2009
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