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The space between your sack-o-nuts and your whale hole.
When you are crapping you sure are lucky that your grundle is there or you would have a shat full of mess.
by Hansel February 10, 2004
A formerly promiscuous persons commitment to not have sex (again) until marriage. The commitment usually lasts about a week at which point they go to a bar and become a drunken (man)whore and indiscriminantly throw themselves at the opposite sex. The change of heart is usually brought about through feelings of guilt or shame from past failed relationships.
After Mike had been sleeping with Sara for a year and she left him for the well-endowed circus midget he decided it was time to become a born-again virgin.
by Hansel November 28, 2004
1. A feeling one gets after smelling a foul and repulsive odor.
2. A description of something butt-nasty.
1. Man, I shouldn't have eaten that mexican fish, I am feeling pretty grumpus.
2. Finding a crap load of diarrhea in the stall, very grumpus.
by Hansel February 10, 2004
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