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3 definitions by Hanover Booty Contest

Standup comedian famous for his wild stage antics and the creation of the hand gesture known as Su-Fi. He has performed many venues including television specials and night clubs. He is also a member of the "Tourgasm" comedy group and recently released a comedy CD.
Dane Cook is so funny I wet myself.
by Hanover Booty Contest June 21, 2005
A sweet flavored, grainy substance used to add flavor to beverages and baked goods.
I like my coffee with cream and sugar.
by Hanover Booty Contest June 22, 2005
Acronym used to determine the right to serve in a game of Ping Pong.
He won the 'Ping' round and therefore has the write to serve.
by Hanover Booty Contest June 21, 2005