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When a good student is put in the back of the class to set a barrier or wall between the reject kids who were put there. The student is only there because the teacher doesnt want to deal with the stupid kids anymore, and good student suffers from it.
Boy 1: My grade is totally dropping in math because I can't see the board anymore. Mrs.Smith totally backseat fucked me.
Boy 2: I understand! Ever since I was was moved to the back in history to provide a wall between the slackers, I havent learned a thing
by HannahHorton December 22, 2008
Faking a text when you're alone, when in reality, you have no one to text. Fauxting is mostly done by teenagers when they are in the presence of other teenagers they dont know.
Boy 1: Dude, I heard your ex was at that party last night, what happened?
Boy 2: Ahh I didnt talk to her. I just was fauxting until she left.
Boy 1: Smart move, you probably looked so cool.
by HannahHorton December 19, 2008
The tingly feeling both males and females get when they see Michael Phelps' abs.
Chick 2:Mmmmmm ooooh ahhh
Chick2: I know, I'm having a total phelps-o-gasm too!
by HannahHorton December 22, 2008
The act of counting in a game of hide and seek, with no intention of ever finding the other players. Pronounced Foe-seek.
Boy 1: Please please please play hide and seek with us!
Guy 1: Ok! Ok.... 1....2....3...
Guy 2: You're not going to go find him are you?
Guy 1: Nope.
Guy2: Dude. Dont play fauxseek, thats a crime to children.
by HannahHorton December 31, 2008
Relating to the sound you make when you havent worked out in awhile. After the first 5 minutes, every sound you make is an "ooooh" or and "ahhhh"
Runner 1: Ahhhhh this feels fantastic
Runner 2: Ooooh ahhhhh ooooh
Runner 1: Dude you okay?
Runner 2: mmmmm ooooh yeahhhh ouch ahhhh
Runner 1: Oh I get it, you're having a total cardiogasm
by HannahHorton December 22, 2008
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