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The third book of the "Hunger Games" trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins, and released in August 2010. Many of the fans of the books series agree that this conclusion of the series, entitled "Mockingjay" was indeed a letdown. Reasons why include: (spoilers ahead)

1. Katniss is just not her normal, ass-kicking self. Instead, she is diluted to being a self-medicating zombie who hides in a closet all the time (no joke.)
2. Many of the characters I have grown to love over the past two books are suddenly killed off.
3. The conclusion (if it can even be called that) seemed rushed, unsatisfying and contradictory. When I closed the book after reading the final words, I felt almost cheated. This book just does not reach the level of awesome as the former 2 in the series.
Mockingjay is nothing like its predecessors, Hunger Games and Catching Fire. It was a major letdown.
by Hannah4700 December 25, 2010
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