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Sophisticated version of pants meaning something that is not particularly desirable. Interchangable with trousers. A fun alternative that will have your friends in stitches....
Jimmy dumped you? Oh no, that's pantaloons.
by Han and Jen October 21, 2005
1. a reason for girls sitting with their legs wide open
2. a tasty snack, can be open or closed
1. look at that girls labia pasty hanging out
2. ooh i could do with a labia pasty, open with salt and vinegar
by Han and Jen June 10, 2005
Alternative to overused wanker that will add further malice to your incriminations
Chris is such a wankerthon, he won't stop ringing me and asking to come over
by Han and Jen October 21, 2005
Someone who desires to originate from the English county of Essex will often attempt to alter their vocabulary to seemingly fit in with real Essex inhabitants. This is a particularly common and humourous example. Meaning 'thats wonderful friend, thank you very much'
Tracey: 'Alright mate? Shall i pick ya up a bottle of lambrini down the co-op?'
Laura: 'Ace bird, cheers!'
by Han and Jen October 21, 2005
Humourous alternative to cowbag meaning foolish female.
Samantha: I just crashed my car into a tree!
Julie: You beefbag!!
by Han and Jen October 21, 2005
1. Used in the phrase 'Up the hilary' meaning pregnant. Taken from the name of singer/actress Hilary Duff adapted from use of duff

2. Something that is broken also adapted from duff
1. Shazza is up the hilary again... she is such a little slag

2. This vibrator is new and yet it does not function correctly... it must be hilary
by Han and Jen October 21, 2005

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