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Someone may suffer from this affliction if he or she owns and uses modern technology but is incapable of effectively utilising this technology to its full potential.
No matter how many times someone loses their wifi connection, they are still incapable of resolving the issues which casued it to drop off in the first instance.


No matter how many times a particular person has used Skype, they are still incapable of starting their video or recognising when the call has either started or ended.

'Dad you really need to see someone about your Technoslowbia'
by hammy2 July 15, 2012
1. verb; to order a drink the moment a bar opens or begins serving alcohol (usually before 1pm)

sometimes used to refer to an alcoholic

2. adjective; to be a fail at life
1. That chick totally just pulled a pina, the bar JUST opened.

2. I spelled fail wrong at the spelling bee that's totally a pina.
by Hammy2 September 21, 2011

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