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When a woman who is of relitvley low beauty or "bum ass ugly" dresses up like a man and visits a homosexual bar in order to be sexually pleasured by rectal relations otherwise known as anal sex.
"On the Model United Nations trip we found Marylin in The Flamingo, a local gay bar, cock-posing
by Hammer and Sickle May 09, 2006
When a male individual falls asleep and/or passes out, and one proceeds to proform oral sex on that male.
"Aaron totally passed out last night and Hodgkins stealthy lemured that bitch!"
by Hammer and Sickle May 09, 2006
1) The act of biting ones gouch and/or taint hair off and chewing in an erotic fasion

2) The act of pouring a sweet, thick liquid such as syrup on a partner's genetalia and extracting the substance carefully with ones teeth
"Robyn has a few pubes in her teeth, but I bet Scott liked that Somalian lawnmower."
by Hammer and Sickle May 09, 2006

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