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2 definitions by HamishFrankie

It's a typical Spanish and French dish. Sometimes called omelet. There are three types.

1st: "French/Plain Tortilla": Stir eggs on a soup dish, add salt. Then take a pan with hot oil in it and pour down the eggs. Wait for it to be cooked.
2nd: "Spanish Tortilla" (The best ever): Chop peeled and washed potatoes in cubes. Fry them. Then mix them with stirred eggs and add a pinch of salt. Put it all in a pan. Wait until it's cooked.
3rd: Some people just call it "tortilla" and maybe it's the most famous of the three but I have to inform you that it's not a tortilla, it's a "TORTITA". This is the Mexican one used in food wrapping and all. Please don't call it "tortilla" I was born in Spain and hurts me when I hear it, it's a TORTITA, nothing to do with that, just look at a tortita and a tortilla and I bet you can tell the difference.
-I'm not hungry tonight, I'll just have a tortilla
-French or Spanish?
- Spanish please, but don't fry the potatoes, just boil them so it'll make it less fattening.
by HamishFrankie October 20, 2006
what you usually name as Tortilla. It's not a tortilla at all, it's a TORTITA. Used in food wrapping,Mexican food especially
I want to have tacos for dinner. So I'll have to buy tortitas.
by HamishFrankie October 20, 2006