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A dating site used only for munters. Only ugly people may apply for sites like this. Popular Munternet sites include

My Munter Space

Munter Face Book

Munter Bebo

Munter Online

Munter Cams

Munternet is not recomended for anyone over the rating of 5 on the sexual scale
Hey Dave!, you tried online dating yet?

Nah Mike, The internet? The Munternet more like, all the fit ones are lesbains and the rest are peices of shit

Fair do's mate, It'l be reet in the morning
by Hamie Jouse May 18, 2008
This is the name given by fans of Uma Therman to her. It cleverly mixes MILF and Uma using the M as a joining letter.
Dude! Uma Therman is a MILF!

Nah, Shes not dan, Shes the Umilf!
by Hamie Jouse May 18, 2008
The Minternet is what chavs call the internet.

In the native language of Chavadonia mint means good along with propa nice, well good and bangin, innit.

It is not dissimilar to The Munternet} in spelling yet means a totally different thing.

The main minternet sites sell cheap fake jewelry and clothing at discount prices. It is all stolen.
Orite mayte, you know da internet?

Yer Mayte, its bangin innit,

I think its dat mint we iz gunna call it The Minternet Innit
by Hamie Jouse May 18, 2008

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