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Noun - A variation of the eiffel tower, but with three guys and a girl. One guys is underneath the girl sticking it in the vagina, one guy stands behind the girl putting in her butt, and the last guy in in front getting a blowjob. All guys give a high five above the girl, in which the arms form the angle bisections meeting at the centroid of the triangle. Typically not the most enjoyable thing for the guy underneath since in face is in the balls of of the guy getting the blowjob. The guy getting a blowjob will also be discomforted, because his balls will be licked by the guy underneath. In which case most guy prefer to be the one sticking it in her butt.
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit entered in a Tri-force with the Virgin Mary.

The three roommates entered in a Tri-force with one of their mothers.

"I was so drunk last night that I volunteered to be the bottom of the Tri-Force!"

"Praise the Tri-Force!"
by HallHall2 March 18, 2009

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