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Amazingly cute guy on american idol. In my opinion, if he doesn't win, America is deaf. I mean, at 17, he is really talented, and he sings with such emotion it just makes everyone watching him smile! Plus he is humble, and reaallly cute.
Ryan seacrest _ and now, David Archuleta!!!!!!!
Audience- Uproarious applause.
*David sings*
*after singing* David- Thank you! You have no idea how much being on this show means to me!!
by Haley Barth March 02, 2008
For non-Jewish boys, an excuse to have a huge party and receive lots of presents!
Boy A- Dude, are you going to George's Bro Mitzvah?! It's gonna rock!
by Haley Barth March 02, 2008
A word young girls use when contented or happy.
"MMMMM... cookies!!!" * vigorously eats cookies* " Macki...."
by Haley Barth March 02, 2008

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