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A developing underground dialect of English. Currently it is spoken only in scattered regions of Georgia. Langwidge involves the intense and rigorous misspelling of words, often to expressive and comedic effect. It also includes many commonly-used catchphrases and terms.
id id funz tew sai de seekrit langwidge werds sumtimez

u r been a notti gurli n fore dat eye wil chaime yew feersly.

i m feeleen sew bleendy 2dai...n allsew ebery dai.

stawp been a crazipeniz. i wud lyk yew 2 akt lyk a proppur preti ladi pliz. tankyew.
by HalCrain May 02, 2007
Fun, drunken times. Derived from the phrase "drinky tinky," in which "tinky" is roughly translated to "time."
"Oh my god, I need tinky so bad right now!"
by HalCrain May 02, 2007

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