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The shit and dingleberries caked around an asshole formed by taking many dumps without wiping your ass.
Dude - I had explosive diarrhea the last three days and haven't wiped once! You should see the dirty bagel on my ass!
by Hal G July 18, 2006
The act of tossing someone's salad when they have a dirty bagel.
She said she was into dirty bagelin' so I shit my pants and called her.
by Hal G July 18, 2006
Those individuals (normally attractive girls) who can sniff out anything free in a club i.e. past the doorman & covercharge, get free drinks and land in the VIP section.
Did you hear? Shauna got escorted in by the manager & is now hanging out with Carson Daly in the back!

Dude - of course, she is queen of the clubhounds!
by Hal G August 27, 2007
a rehab weekend in which one abtains from drugs and/or alcohol in order to party at a later date
Yo you wanna grab a beer tonite? Na man - this needs to be a rheekend what with all the Holiday parties comin up this week.
by Hal G January 13, 2008
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