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1.(n.) Things inside your shirt that tell you how to wash it, what size you're wearing, tellyou that the shirt was made in China or Bangladesh, and are often very itchy.
2.(n.) Things that Urban Dictionary make you put with your definitions to help idiots understand them better.
1. Kid: This tag is really itchy! Hey, look! It was made in.. Iran! Where's Iran?

2. What kind of tags can you put on the word 'tag'?
#synonym #antonym #word #adjective #shirt
by Haileyface March 18, 2006
1. The one word that people just have to make as many definitions for as the words Jesus, America, and George Bush.
Urban Dictionary has way too many entries for Scene, Emo, and Jesus.
#emo #emu #punk #goth #scenee
by Haileyface March 18, 2006
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