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Usually a female name. The keeper of the name tends to love drama, is short, and... homely. (Psst, ugly is mean word. But yeah, basically) When walking, he/she takes on the figure of an ogre. Will do anything to get what she wants - this includes neglecting to go to a dentist. Has a cracked tooth. Two faced, whichever kind of face you want on either side. (he/she will morph their faces to fit your needs) Has shaggy hair. Not very awesome or bright. Obsessed with Pokemon and Japanese culture in a freakish manner. If home alone, like a normal person named Chontina, they would masturbate as soon as the door shuts. However, a certain type of Chontina, known as the Vix Fatum Chontina Syndrome, will pin a picture of his/her black "friend" on the wall and stare at it for hours, until said family/friends return to their abode. Chontina is typically white. Wigger, nerd, and/or fag (nawfence) and has Hydrophobia, resulting in the lack of bathing. Smells like kitty poop.

Anthony: Wow, do you smell that? Smells like a kitty just pooped on Mrs. LuLu's wall.

Charlie: Naw, she's hydrophobic.

Anthony: Who? I just said the room smells like shit, whatsit you're talking about?

Charlie: I'm talking about that Chontina there. She's hydrophobic.

Anthony: Oh, I see. Well, whatever. My sinus' are burning.
by Hahafooledyou April 03, 2010

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