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V. Similar to "shart"-ing, having fartarrhea is when a person thinks he or she is passing gas, but a gentle brown mist is expelled from the anus, creating a Jackson Pollock in the underwear. (See Jackson Pollock)
Susan and her friends were drinking soda when she was stricken with fartarrhea. Her shit stank!
by Haggerty January 06, 2008
When you shit yo undies. What did you think?
There's undiefudge in my shorts!
by Haggerty January 06, 2008
To give a tijuana popsicle is to give a blowjob.
Wow, McNast gave the ol' tijuana popsicle to a guy in front of everyone! That's sick!
by Haggerty January 31, 2008
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