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a word used to describe a mixed drink with a large amount of alcohol in it so that u can actually taste the alcohol in the drink to the point where it makes u cringe.
Damn! This jack and coke is healthy!
by HaggardAss December 12, 2005
a big hairy bitch that will bite u if u get 2 close. Various different sub-species, yet generally all r very large, immense women with un-natural amount of hair.
"Stay away from that wooly bitch if u wanna live 2 c 2morrow."
by HaggardAss December 12, 2005
also known as "Hella Irish"
Hombre Uno: After that 5th of Jameson's Im HELLA IRISH.
Hombre Dos: U drunk bastard.
by HaggardAss December 12, 2005
the greatest people in the history of the world barnun. Fuck everybody else. We love 2 drink and were so good at it that u can tell if a person drinks or not just by seein their freckles. Im Irish and u probably arent and that sucks 4 u.
The Irish are the blacks of Europe--so we love chicken, can all dunk and have big penises.
by HaggardAss December 12, 2005
a group of retarted inbred french decendants that live north of the border of the USA in a cold, barren wasteland known as canadia.
Guy 1: Check out those walking douches, theyre all canucks.
Guy 2: Well fuck them, the horse they rode in on and every1 else in Canada those maple syrup ass bastards!
by HaggardAss December 13, 2005

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