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Daffyd Thomas believes to be the only gay in his village, in a way he knows there is other gay people, but refuses to believe it.
Daffyd: It's lonly being the only gay in the village...
by Hado-Ken December 30, 2004
A briith love by all, seen as the co-suprime ruler of the Universe, (next to Maddox
<Akira> Look it's Hado-Ken!
<Kikkoman> Let's worship him!
by Hado-Ken December 29, 2004
An insult used by townies and rejects, their mother is usually an alcoholic on crack and addicted to cough drops.
Person 1. You faggot!
Person 2. Err...Umm...Well, your mum!
by Hado-Ken July 13, 2004

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