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3 definitions by Hadassah

Jews are:

A follower of the Judaic religion, also known as Judaism.

Jews are not (except for SOME cases:

Always Israeli
Curly haired, big nosed, and cheap
Constantly pointing out anti-semitism


And also, recently a swastika was painted on a Jewish temple. I'm a Jew. That hurt. So please stop making anti-semitic (or anti-JEWISH, I realize that a semite is anyone from the middle east, but IT HAS COME TO MEAN anti-Jewish) comments, because, dude, it hurts.
by Hadassah November 28, 2006
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A girl who looks like a Barbie Doll.
She is so barbiesque.

I want to be barbiesque.

What's up with barbiesque over there?
by Hadassah December 12, 2005
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Implying that a woman's breasts are fake. Or that one has had plastic surgery done to look more barbiesque.
She is totally mattel.

Hey Dash, check out mattel, 10 o'clock.

She ain't real, that is All mattel.
by Hadassah December 12, 2005
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