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1. Rapper Asher Roth
2. A person who gives the most blumpkins
3. The guy or girl in your group of friends who has performed the most blow jobs on someone who is taking a dump.
Rapper Asher Roth is the self-proclaimed King of the Blumpkins as of now!
"Ash Roth be the King of the Blumpkins" - Lark On My Go Cart - Track 1 off Asleep In The Bread Aisle.
by HaHaYoB May 31, 2009
Although the bow and arrow stories are nice they are incorrect. The finger was originated by an English king who used to make the gesture to potential brides, meaning 'would you like me to fuck you?'. He would do this to see their reactions. The middle finger and the wrist would move almost as a signal to come closer. This gesture became popular among all and was used jokingly.
The king motioned for the young girl by giving her the finger.
by HaHaYoB June 07, 2009

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