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Cam'ron's a harlem rapper, he's related to pink & purple, diplomats, pink range rover, sick flow and crazy rhymes.
his flow's a bit like that of Ma$e, they used to be in the children of corn together with the legendary big l, afterwards Cam'ron had beef with Mase, though it's already settled.
Cam'ron has so far released 4 solo albums, Confessions Of Fire (1998), S.D.E. (2000), Come Home With Me (2002) & Purple Haze (2004). He also releases a lot of various mixtapes and albums almost every month with his Dipset gang and affiliates like A-Mafia, Sheist Bub, Un Kasa and many others, but his closest Dipset mates are Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and arguably his successor, young dominican rapper J.R. Writer
suicide sickness, child negligence, homicide, fingerprints, wild evidence/
but thou shall respect me, blow blow, clap clap, pow pow, bow down
by HWG August 17, 2005

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