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You Spelled iPhone Wrong
Learn Proper Spelling Plz? iPhonr??? C'mon!!
by HTM June 10, 2008
The New Apple iPhone That Steve Jobs, Released June 9, 2008 Witch Has Twice As Fast Speeds Than A Standard iPhone Due To 3G Networking And Is Cheaper Starting At $199 For A 8GB (200)
And $299 For A 16 GB ($300)
You Can Now Choose Between A White Backing And A Black Backing For The Product
This Product On July 11th Will Be Released To 72 Country's Including Canada , China , Japan , Mexico , Australia And Lots More,
+ Including GPS So It Will Know Exactly Where You Are Not Just By The Closest Cell Phone Towers And Wi-Fi Hotspots
But By Satellites
And Also At WWDC Jobs Announced Mobile Me So All Your Contact,Calendar,etc Data Will Be Automatically Synced To Your Mac
If You Have .Mac You Will Get A Automatic Upgrade To This Service
But For Those Who Don't Already Can Get A 60 Day Trial
Guy 1, I Went To Apples WWDC It Kicked Ass! I Am Totally Gonna Get A iPhone 3G On July 11th

Guy 2, Im Not Im Fine With My LG

Guy 1, Ur SOOOO Last Year

Guy 2, Shut up you fanboy the only reason you are getting a iPhone 3G is because steve jobs brainwashed you into buying it

Guy 1, STFU
by HTM June 13, 2008
(Tub Of Fat Lard)
Used in Msn Aol Yahoo etc
(MSN Convo)
Guy 1, Dud Our Teacher Such A Tofl
Guy 2, And a slut
by Htm May 21, 2008

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