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THe updated version of a hunter from PSO by the name of "Wargreymon" who is in close relation to the well known hunter HyperAmy. WarV2 is an outgoing hunter who likes coputer stuff and a fan of poetic genius and knows how dark his friend Amy can get when shes on at late night
"Hey Dark Force I need help to find some inspiring poetry!"

"Well sonic I think you should ask Warv2 because he in tune with the latest poetry out there"
by HS7 August 11, 2003
A well known hunter from PSO whos full name is "Cool Ranger Guy" and is one of the weirdest hunters out in the world of ragol whos really afraid of HyperAmy and talks and sings like Ricky Martin no joke!
"Man look at ricky martin he reminds me of CRG!"
by HS7 August 11, 2003
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