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An over compromising technique that Ole Miss fans use in, terms of football, to delude themselves into thinking that they actually have a rivalry with LSU.
LSU fan #1: Are you going to The Magnolia Bowl?

LSU fan # 2: You mean that woodshed beating we give Ole Miss every year?
#ole miss #lsu #football #prick #fail
by HS22 November 22, 2009
A unique town located in the southern half of the Mississippi Delta on the Yazoo River. It has a culture all of its own, much like the rest of the Delta. Outsiders may sometimes be shocked by its unique culture. Some say the best way to describe this town and its people is that it is like traveling back in time to the late 1800's or early 1900's. Nontheless, it is a nice little town with many good residents. It is also the Catfish Capital of the World and boasts the most farm raised catfish than anywhere else in the world.
Guy 1: Man, I just passed through Belzoni, Mississippi.
Guy 2: And?
Guy 1: I've never seen ANYWHERE like that place.
#mississippi delta #delta #catfish #the south #mississippi
by HS22 February 06, 2011
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