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A casual, lifestyle clothing brand. Either discriminated against or loved. There is no compromise. 'Individuals', 'goths', 'emos', 'skaters' usually hate A&F due to it's over-priced and plain clothing. Also, there is a growing dislike for the thumping 'media-driven shit' being played in the shop. Many people such as 'preps', 'jocks', 'bimbos', 'posers' wear A&F. I do not agree with any of the terms in inverted commas, but merely repeating commonly used stereotypes. I personally have a few A&F products, and Hollister but not because i want to 'fit in' or 'be popular', but because i saw it in the shop and decided I liked it. Big deal? Don't think so. I wear what I want to wear, regardless of the make, label, design or colour. A&F is a clothing make, not an excuse to hate. If I saw a goth i wouldn't immediately deduce that he/she listens to metal or slits their wrists? So what gives other people the right to judge A&F wearers?
Person 1- Oh my god. Why are you wearing Abercrombie & Fitch? You're just trying to fit in with the in-style crowd, why not be an individual for fuck sake, dress to your own satisfactions. Conformity is the basis of high school

Person 2 - I bought it because it was in a sale and I like it, i wear whatever I want, not everyone who wears A&F is a poser man.

Person 1 - Sorry man, *shake hands*
by HJManson August 13, 2009
An up market brand, that sells watches, handbags, jewellery etc. Arugably most well known for their pens, which rich people enjoy writing with, especially if they have a rolex hanging of their wrists.
Slut: My husband's alimony bought me a Rolex and a $1000 Mont Blanc pen :)
by HJManson August 15, 2009

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