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An over-the-top, devoted Apple fan who can't stop parroting the latest Steve Jobs marketing pitch.

Someone who is always the first to shell out big bucks for the newest Apple product. May camp out overnight to purchase the product. Always ends up a guinea pig sorting through the early release bugs and never admits there's issues.

More generally, any person whose entire social life is based in cyberspace. I.E. hardcore Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Warcraft, Sims, etc users and most bloggers.
Look at those stupid iPhags sleeping in tents in the Best Buy parking lot for an iPad!! How's that Apple cock taste?

That guy plays Warcraft 10 hours a day, claims to have 50,000 friends on Facebook, and never leaves the house except to get the mail. What an iPhag!
by HHMTB June 13, 2010
A person who is capable of eating way more food than external appearances would suggest.

A remorseless eating machine.

This is a modification of the astronomy term describing the center of a black hole, wherein space/time curvature becomes infinite. The infinite mass of the singularity sucks in all sufficiently near victims.
At 5'8" and 165 lbs, Takeru Kobayashi is a gastronomic singularity as evidenced by his eating 64 hot dogs in ten minutes.
by HHMTB June 02, 2010
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