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The now almost extinct Eastern European vulture, Catharsis Aura Heinziensis, coll. known as the soop vulture from its erst-while habit of appearing unannounced and unwelcome at evening meal-time in small villages and communities in the mountains.
Former habitat and range included Carpathia. Bohemia, present-day Hungary and Transylvania, where they found an uncommon association with the late Count Dracula, eventually manifesting themselves over the centuries into the semblance of servants of this unpopular aristocrat. The sole known survivor of this species, Ignatz Maximilian, resides oftwhiles in the UK as the retainer of HE The Lord S.
Soop Vulture, anthropomorphic vulture retainer of HE The Lord S.
by HE The Lord S June 20, 2006
Ignatz Maximilian, Graf von Loeffelgeier und Suppenbecher, born March 2, 1746 in Thuringia. Faithish retainer and right-clawed assistant of his BM Beloved Master, HE The Lord S. The oldest living thing on the planet that is not made of wood, Ig for short is the constant companion of HE The Lord S in his world travels and travails, and the present bearer of the physical manifestation of the EYE of IG, the Holy Stone of the Mighty Vulture God, Ig/IG. He is grumblish and bad-tempered, but has served his BM's family since the mid-19th century, and his BM since birth. He thrives on a mixture of chocolate of any kind, muffins and lemon maringue pie, which he causes to disappear at an astonishing rate. He collects pins but is v. partial to anything related to trains, and has a large and enviable collection of DVDs, videos, and train memorabilia. Seeing the advantages to be gained by the use of steam transport, he invested heavily in the original railways of Great Britain, and is therefore filthy rich in his own right, but wisely choses to remain low-key about it, adopting a servant-like attitude tempered with an acerbic wit, general curmudgeonly exasperation and sharp ironic sarcasm that would be the envy of any politician. He is well-loved and/or tolerated by all fortunate enough to make his acquaintance, and can finish the 'Times' crossword, in ink, in less than three minutes. His general appearance, that of a foot-high fuzzy-topped vulture with a bright yellow beek, should not trick the unwary - he has a very powerful grasp on small items that venture his way coins, candies and the like as well as a very powerful grasp of human body language. A lool from his beady eyes can wither corn stalks at fifty paces. He is NOT to be taken lightly by anybody who wishes to retain all their original fitments.
Ig, companion of HE The Lord S.
by HE The Lord S June 20, 2006

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