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Malaysia is the country for malays only, though all races are there. Malay government building up more goverment institutions to feed malays because this malay youth is so fucking dumb they can't find a fair way to feed themselves.
If you go to any government office, malay men and women cut silly jokes to each other instead of paying attention to their work. Infact they are not capable doing any kinda work, may be because they are genetically dork. One more thing, they are being very proud to be muslims, though a father fucks his on daughter. They are big time liar and not trustworthy. Never go there.
I went there last year and went to immigration department to process my professional visa. I found all malay there who were wardering around in offices like a fucking dumb robat instead of helping their customers. And they expect all foreigners to speak their fucking Bahasa Malayu. They can't understand a single word of english, even though their government always do "visit malaysia" thingy, they should propmot English first, like singapore did.
by HDAVID May 25, 2007

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