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A friendly, social person. The centre of attention, gets along with everyone. Usually an attractive person as well.
Everyone loves Sandi, just call her miss congeniality..
by HBissy March 19, 2006
Someone who is East Indian and comes from the Pindh (which means village). Usually reffed out, simple, etc...
Sukhdeep dances bhangra even to rock music, he's such a pindu!
by Hbissy June 08, 2009
A mockery of someone’s accent, usually East Indian.
“Sirf topa hai” would be interrupted as Tukka tukka tukka..
by Hbissy June 08, 2009
When someone is washed it means they act like another nationality then their own. Usually used for white-washed.
Sukhdeep can't speak Hindi at all, he's really white washed.

Monica is really into Bollywood movies, she's really brown washed.
by HBissy March 19, 2006
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