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3 definitions by HBK and Jimmy

Going atleast one knuckle deep into a butthole. Preferably done to the opposite sex during intercourse.
Dude, while I was railin that chick out last night.. I started knuckin the 'B' and she loved it!!
by HBK and JIMMY May 08, 2010
Another term for sex or fucking. Going too deep and bottoming out in a chick.... or a dude if your a faggot.
(chick) "Just the thought of you inside me crushing guts makes me wet" (guy) You are welcome!
by HBK and Jimmy January 07, 2011
The female version of a boner, a clitoritis erection
That chick totally has a cloner for me!
Look man! That chick is cloning out!!
by HBK and JIMMY May 08, 2010